Order and Delivery

We love decorating a home almost as much as we love produce or simply curated some home decor. If you love to buy, please browse the product you wish to order, choose the desired size or type (if any). Currently, you can place your order through our email at magholiving@gmail.com.

You will get an email as summary of your order, included the details of bank account for transfer payment. We currently only accept wire transfer which can be made in person at your local bank or electronically through the Internet Banking of the bank of your choice. All transactions will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Payment should be made within 48 hours (2 days) after an order notification is sent to your email address. If payment is not made and confirmed within that time, your order will automatically expire. You may reorder but the availability of the product cannot be guaranteed. We highly recommend you to confirm your payment to ensure that your order will be processed in a timely manner.

We ship to all cities across Indonesia. Items will be shipped by JNE. Delivery time will vary depending on your shipping address. For prices on domestic rates, we suggest you visit the website of JNE. All products sent by JNE will be calculate based on kilogram. Please ask us to know more about the product details, unless otherwise stated.

Your product will be dispatched once your payment is clear in our account. Should there be any problems with your payment, we will contact you directly via email. We will process and ship your order within 3 (three) to 5 (five) business days once payment is received. This term is not applicable to custom order, please contact us for further information.