3 Tips to Achieve a Minimal Home

Hello everyone, how are you? It's been a long time since we've had a new blog post. We've been busy these past few months. Oh, can't believe how fast time passes, and today we want to share our life update. We've become a minimalist slowly. The concept of minimalism is something we've been exploring over the past years. We learn that minimalism will always be practised differently from person to person. Last year, we write about decluttering here and this time we thought it would be helpful to share the essential tips to achieve a minimal home. 

As you may know, Marie Kondo, Japanese organizing consultant, was successfully brought minimalism to the mainstream. Her magical works or movement has inspired many people. Countless influencer, vlogger, blogger are documented their part in this lifestyle trend. The idea of minimalism is much larger than many people realize. On interior design, minimalism is attractive style for those who like order, organization, basic and/or simplicity. 
Here are 3 essentials tips we've gathered along the way that help us to achieve a minimal home. 

1. Focus

You may start by asking yourself. What do I value in life? Write it down. Make a list of life's most important things. On the other hand, try evaluate every space at your home. We often keep things -"just in case things"- even though we've never needed the item. We aren't quite ready to let go some stuff, but we have to let it go. To fix this problem, we try to get rid of things we didn't like and only use something that most meaningful, bring joy, or had a personal story to our lives.

2. Consistent
This is probably the hardest one for us. Wise man once said: "If you are consistent, you will keep it". Creating a minimal home require consistent effort like house cleaning. Sometimes we just wish there will be a magical cure for procrastinating. "Tomorrow. I'll do it" or "I don't have a time". There are times where we just don't feel like doing the things we are supposed to be doing -make the bed, or wash the dishes- therefore, every time we are thinking about procrastinating on house cleaning, we convince ourselves with this mantra: "The only time you have is right now". This process takes time, which makes it hard to form a new positive habit like bring back items to their place in order to keep our home clean.
3. Quality 
Quality is always more important than quantity. Invest in classic and timeless pieces that you know you'll love for years to come. On the other hand, control your desire to buy unnecessary things or something you don't need (impulsive buying). Minimalism is not about locked your dream into box, but minimalism is about keeping your passion and dream alive. So, if you need to buy something that related to your passion. Stay focused and go after your dream. 

Thank you for read our blog. We'd love to know your thoughts on living a minimal life. Kindly share in the comments below, and live beautifully, people!