Our Bathroom Essentials

Everyone has their own style. When it comes to interior, we feel so excited to organize all area in our home. As we shared in a previous post about decluttering here, we start to purge unnecessary things in our bathroom. We just want to simplify our daily life. Without further ado, here is our bathroom essentials, beside clean water and basic toiletries :)

1. Head Shower
First thing first, head shower is vital for us because bathroom is a place for take a shower and we love rainfall shower experience. By the time, we move into our home, we change -as easy as changing a lightbulb- our small head shower. We are happy with our existing head shower which have the right amount of water pressure. Oh, how we love the feel of natural water fall gracefully onto our face. Weird? Hahaha..

2. Bath Towel 
Every bathroom has the need for a good quality towel regardless of the interior style of your bathroom. The premium bath towels will create an instant sense of luxury, make you warm, cozy, and pampered.

3. Hand Soap

We all know with proper hand washing, we can eliminated viruses and bacteria. Place anywhere and keep your hands clean.

4. Toilet Brush
It's not glamorous but it is a necessity. Aside the design must be stylish, we need durable set. You probably have a toilet brush already, but don’t keep it around forever. Update with a new one every few months.

5. Trash Bin 
Trash bins come in a variety of colors, shape, and finishes. Below is one of our dream bin. It's beautifully constructed. We love this clean yet modern-industrial look. 

6. Mirror
Mirror is best friend to a small space. It will reflect the light around the room and make a space look bigger. Mirror can also a quick way to add personality into your bathroom.

7. Towel Rack
Use a decorative ladder as a towel rack. This cute piece will definitely keep you organized. We love how this ladder acts as a practical towel rack while also being the focal point of the bathroom.

8. Storage
We have a small bathroom so we only keep the products that we use on a daily basis (while we storing less frequently used items somewhere else). We hope in the near time, we will get a light-weight storage furniture.

9. Toilet paper
We never run out of toilet paper because we always need for multi-purpose :) Look how simple this piece! This would be a nice decor for monochrome home.

10. Bath Mat 
Bath Mat are designed to absorb the water after we step out of the shower area, so we need a good one. In our search, we always look for a thick, slip resistant, soft, and easy to clean material

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