A home with dogs - Meet Tanja and her dog, Rocco The Shiba Inu

The love of interior mixed with our passion for dogs was the inspiration to start this category post. We've always happy when we meet other dog owners, especially someone who love interior and dogs as much as we did. No doubt about it :) We are so excited to meet lovely Tanja, who has a beautiful home and amazing dog, Rocco, The Shiba Inu. We thought Rocco is a perfect addition to her family and home. As they say, a house is not a home without a dog and happiness is coming home to your dog!
Tell us shortly about the first day you meet him?
The first time we saw him we felt in love instantly! So cute and fluffy! He has one brother and one sister. He was the smallest from the nest and also the sweetest, a perfect match!

What does he mean to you?
He brings so much fun. In the morning when we wake up he is there to say good morning and when you arrive back home, he is cheerfully wagging in front of the door. He is truly a part of our family. We have so much fun together!

What the most favorite thing to do at home with him?
My husband really likes to play with the ball with Rocco. Rocco loves it and together they run through the whole house. I love to cuddle with him with a cup of tea on the sofa, or together with him biking through the woods. 

The most memorable story at home with him?
It’s such a tough man and he has his own character, there’s a lot to say! :)The first time we went outside when Rocco was a puppy, his belt proved too big. Suddenly, he ran around in a strange environment. We were so shocked. We felt that we really failed as new puppy parents. Another puppy prank was he has bitten the airbag cables from our car. We were thinking he was just sleeping so sweet on the floor :(

He goes “moo” when he hears a siren, just like a wolf! And every evening when we sit on the couch he will comes standing close to your feet and he wants you to rub his back until he thinks it was enough. If you stop rubbing him too early he will stay at the end of the couch and watches you till you continue. 

Tell us his most favorite spot at home?
He has a lot of favorite places. His basket that we have created by ourself is one of them. We’ve created it out of an old suitcase. The fleece on the bench is also one of his favorite spots and in front of the big windows, so he can see what’s happening outside :)

This is the reason the whole neighborhood knows him and calls him the little fox. One time my husband went out with Rocco and they were playing outside without a belt, and Rocco saw a cat then he ran away to the cat. My husband totally lost him out of sight and went looking for him everywhere. Half an hour later some people brought him back home, we didn’t knew this guys at all, but they knew Rocco because they saw him a few times through that window where he always spied the neighborhood. 

Images by Tanja

If your dog can speak, what would he say to you?
“It’s time to get a massage now”
“Stop taking photos of me!”
“It wasn’t me, I'm not guilty of digging in the planter”
“Please, please, please, let me sleep on the bed too!”

Aww Rocco is so cute, what's not to love about this adorable dog. Tell us, what do you love most about Rocco? Please leave a comment and if you haven't follow Tanja's instagram, please take a look at @tanjavanhoogdalem. We promise you will love it :)