The Key to Choose the Right Dining Table

As an Interior Enthusiast, we love beautiful design. Most often, we see all the good design or furniture in market and want to buy them all. But, we must listen our inner voice that every piece of furniture we like isn't necessarily right fit to our home. Today, we are here to sharing about how we choose the right dining table. 

Here's what you need to know to choose the right dining table: 
1. Prepare budget and Buy chairs separately
Because using an existing chair-sets just too mainstream, so save more budget to buy another chair model separately, you'll be surprised about what you find. The options are simply endless. Try a bench instead of chairs or mix and match with another chairs. It's not a sin to be creative :)

2. Know your interior style 
We all know this is about your preference style. It is important to know what style you want to go for. Do not look trends or others. Think twice about what you really need. Have a clear idea regarding how often you are going to use the table; day by day or certain occasion at home. So, when you know your style and habit, you will decide your tabletop material that best suits your lifestyle. There are tons of different material these days, so selecting one is a real challenge. For us, we love the look of wood, but for some reasons we can't have one. Then we look for another option, tempered glass top. This is a good option for small spaces because glass will eliminates the visual weight and easy to clean. Save our time whenever we spill the coconut milk curry chicken on the table. Last but not least, put on edge and corner guards for kids safety. 

3. Measure up the space availability of your dining room 
Look around your room so you will know the right size of table (small/large) and shape (square or oval) you will need. In the mean time, you need to leave more spaces between your dining table and nearest walls or other furniture to allow diners to sit down and get up easily from their seats. Be sure to choose the shape that perfect for your family over a long period of time and make sure diners also comfortably be seated without touching elbows while eating.

PS: As you know, some dining tables are expandable (from square to rectangular or oval) you can make the seating area larger or smaller depending on the situation. Well, we hope these easy-guide will help you to find the right dining table. Happy Searching!