Interior Enthusiast - American Style with a Twist (Homepiness) by Ayu & Valdi

We believe this simple phrase "People with passion can change the world". For us, passion is an essential ingredient, since there is a love inside it. Following your passion is the secret to make a great work. When we decided to make this category post (Interior Enthusiasts), we believe that everyone has their own story and interior for everyone who loves home. You don't need an interior design background to create a home that bring happiness. All you need is a passion in design, just love what you do. This time, we will show to you a beautiful home called Homepiness. This creative home instantly brighten our day from the very first post we follow their instagram account. How cozy and homey each space is with all the furniture and decorations placed. Ready for the showcase? Check out our interview with homeowner of Homepiness, Ayu & Valdi.

What does your passion for interior come from?
Our passion for interior, we guess, comes accidentally from our passion in design. I am a graphic designer, who a long time ago thought about taking interior design to be my major in university, then somehow i changed my mind, but apparently my love of interior is still there. My husband, Valdi, is an IT guy who fell in love with photography and art. We love artsy things, designed house, cozy place, pretty home decor, etc. That interests encourage us to design Homepiness with a style that really shows who we really are.

If you're lucky enough to have high ceilings and a little extra floor space, have a little fun with indoor swings that bring out your inner kid. Seriously, who wouldn't want to play on? Great ideas, Ayu! ♡
How would you describe your interior style?
It's American Style with a twist. The twist is that we incorporate our style in it. We consider pure american style is kinda too heavy for young couple like us. Victorian chair, chandelier, etc. Instead, we put a young soul, young spirit into it. We are both cheerful - crazy - couple. That's why we have a lot of colour as our wall paint.

A bold front color is a great way to spruce up your home and welcome guests. 

What is your current obsession related interior design?
Our current obsession is now designing our backyard. It's still basic. Why ? Because by the time the house was nearly finished, what on our mind was just Let's get this house done quickly! So we kinda left out the backyard as basic as possible to meet our completion target. Right now, we are just started to decorate it. Hehe..

Nothing adds a splash of color to the home like fresh flowers! Love it.
Tell us your must have home decor items in your home?
Our must have decor item is White & Wooden furniture! It just get along with every house style. American? checked. Scandinavian? checked. Classic? checked. The other things are zakka things. It's rustic, it's vintage, and mainly it is important. There is no style expiration date for zakka things. Just like why we choose American style for our home : It's timeless regardless of what centuries you live.

Windows are the most effective way to get natural light into your home. A home filled with sunlight is cheery, warm, and inviting. Beside being energy-efficient, allowing more natural light keeps you healthy.
Best home decor tips or tricks?
  • Be a visionary! Don't be afraid of mixing various color or style to create your style. Most people will see lots of good stuffs but failed to imagine what it looks like to be put together, and what else it needs to be a perfect combination. So please be a visionary, see things not only for what they are, but try to pair it with another stuffs you have, you'll be surprise of what greatness it will become.
  • Know what you want from the very beginning. Make the concept that you really love as a very strong starting point. Think about the details, the colour, and stick on it. Don't let unrelated newer trend comes in your way just because it's new, or you could be end up losing your main concept.
  • Do lots of DIY projects, it saves bunch of money and it makes your home or room even more personal.

All Images by Homepiness

So, what do you think? What were some of your favorite elements? Our favorite is the wall gallery, definitely a head turner, It's a creative way to upgrade the look of stairs and deliver the important message about homeowner's journey. All you need is a little creativity. Such an inspiration! Thank you Ayu & Valdi for sharing this with us on Magho Living. See you here for another story. Live Beautifully, People!