How to Choose Kitchen Countertops - Pros and Cons

Before we get started, there is something we need to tell you, this article presents guidelines based on our experiences and after a long research to find the right kitchen countertops. So, what is the kitchen countertop and why does it matter? Kitchen countertop is a horizontal work surface in the kitchen, which food can be prepared. Some people say kitchen is the heart of the home, where we store, prepare, and produce the foods for family. Sometimes, not only provide foods, but kitchen can be a spot for family to gather. So, choosing the right material that suits our needs and lifestyle can be a little bit frustrating. 

First, we will share our important key when choosing the kitchen countertops: 

1. Durability 
Since kitchen countertop is not something we would buy every year then we need a high quality material, which made to repeated use over a relatively long period. We also need a material that can take abuse, without significant deterioration by resisting the effects of heavy use. 

2. Non-porous surface 
Non-porous surface assure us that undesirable substances (fluids or bacteria) cannot penetrate or hiding beneath the surface. As you know, kitchen takes abuse in many ways such as food and drink spills, and etc, using non-porous surface will resist the stain, minimize the risk of contamination, and greatly reduces the potential for bacterial growth. This anti-bacterial function is closely related to create healthy environment and hygiene surface for food preparation or other activities. 

3. Care and maintenance
Last but not least, we need a material which easy to clean (with minimal effort, regardless of what the stain may be) using common household and cleaning products. Sure, it will save more time, energy, and money. Therefore, ease of cleaning has become an extremely important. We also need material that does not have to be oiled or sealed constantly. Good bye hardwood surface, though we love the look of wood so much. We just want to simplify our daily routines and fit in well with today's lifestyle. 

Second, here's our brief guide to the pros and cons of some countertop options.


In the end, whichever countertops you decide on, just make sure you perform daily maintenance. We hope this pros and cons will help you narrow down the choices and choose the one that suits what is most important to you and represent exactly what you want for your dream kitchen. Happy searching!