Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine

You can't escape from dirty laundry. After washing loads of dirty laundry, something comes up in our minds. Is there any new technology of washer? We've been thinking about update an existing washer. At this moment, we have a top load washer and been looking for a front load. How about you? Which one do you choose? Front Load where the laundry is loaded into front or Top Load where we can put laundry into top hole.

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If you are looking to buy a washer too, you need to consider these factors below. We create this simple guidelines for you.

Front load can be stack and ideal for small spaces.
* If you have trouble bending over, it may be difficult to use a front load unit.
* Try to keep the washer on an even surface to ensure the weight is well distributed.

* We recommend to run a complete cycle without clothes before washing for the first time.
* Make sure you've already measure the space where you want to install a washer. Decide the location of plumbing (pipe) and electrical things.

Hope it helps and have a great weekend everyone!