DIY - Easy Geometric Himmeli

Last weekend, we are looking for some creative time and try a simple and easy DIY for home decor. This called geometric himmeli which made out of straws! Yes, straws. Easy to find at any store, right? Yeayy!!... Honestly, we've seen some amazing himmeli on the internet a long time ago, and could not resist trying out a few. Fyi, himmeli, a traditional Finnish christmas decoration. Himmeli comes from the Swedish word; himmel meaning sky or heaven. Does the thought of heaven and christmas makes you happy? We do, we smell something beautiful and immediately puts a smile on our faces :) We love himmeli either as a hanging ornament or a table decorations. Let's get started. 

Here’s what you will need:
• wire
• ruler
• straws
• scissors
• wire cutter
Additional tools
• gold spray paint

What to do:
1. You will need 8 pieces of straws that are equal in length. Start by cutting straws about 8 cm.
2. Take 4 pieces of straws and string them on your wire. Connect it to make a square. Trim the extra wire with the wire cutters.
3. Then connect last 4 pieces and make a triangle shape. Whenever you reach a joint, wrap the wire, trim the tail and secure it.
4. Now you will need complete the shape with cone part after you get a triangle look. Cut 4 pieces of straws longer than previous one. Make it 10 cm.
5. Connect the last straws with each side of triangle and secure the top. Create a loop using a rope and hang it on.

Since white straws wasn’t the look we were going for, so we spray painted our himmeli gold. You can spray paint it with any color. Try making more himmeli and displaying them at varying heights. Feel free to make any different shape that you want. Just play and have some fun like we did. Enjoy!