Interior Enthusiast - Scandinavian Style by Marlene (Fru Zakrisson)

We are totally in love with scandinavian design. We just can't get enough to look for more inspirations. Today, we will show to you scandinavian home of Marlene Zakrisson. You will love her beautiful home, combination of white, soft colors, and light wood. This color scheme will definitely create an inviting atmosphere. Step inside and get inspired!

What does your passion for interior come from?
I grew up with my grandmother who was a home-loving and creative woman, but most of all she was a "do it yourself" kinda lady. I choose to believe that it's her genes that contributed to my interest in interior design and creating.♡ 

How would you describe your interior style?
My style has always been kind of monochrome/scandinavian with soft tones and a lot of light wood. I'm not into accent colours and like to keep it clean, simple and minimalistic. So when I go crazy with a roller, the walls become dusty pink or soft mint, ha ha!


What is your current obsession(related interior/home decor)
I love Nordic design and maybe it's because I grew up with it? I'm certain it's no fling ;) It's a style you don't grow out of, a style to grow old with and to me it will always be timeless and just right! 

Tell us your must have home decor items in your home.
My favourite pieces in our home would have to be my grandmothers linen cupboard and my own handmade birch stumps. When it comes to brands I love the Coeedesign, Design Letters, Ferm Living and Hay. And for this autumn a chunky blanket it a must have!

Best home decor tips or tricks?
Since I live in the north of Sweden, natural light is a shortage between October-March. To create light, i always have thin bright curtains pulled back to let as much light as possible flow in. To get the feeling of high ceilings i attach the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. Interior for me is not about having the lates news or the coolest brands, it's about the feeling it gives you! Interior doesn't have to be expensive to be it! ♡ 

All Images by Marlene 

So what do you love about Marlene’s home? We hope you enjoyed and want to share the comment below. For more her interior style, please give a follow at @fru_zakrisson. You will love all her recommendation of interior as well. Last but not least, we look forward to seeing you back here in the near time. Live beautifully, People!