Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Sofa

The terms living room and family room are often used interchangeably. For us, both room are two important areas in a house. In Asian architecture, a living room usually near the main entrance at the front of the house. Personally, we love to have both room since our living room is for formal space where we entertain guests and welcoming friends. Then, the family room is more informal, privat, and often use for multipurpose space. 

Today, we want to share about how we research the design for our living room and family room. Let's start with something you need to know about buying the right sofa since sofa is likely to be one of the biggest investments you'll make. Here is the quick guide :

1. Adjust with your home interior
Just pick the type of sofa that will fit your home interior style. You might not know that the sofa you choose may reflect your personality. In this case, just follow your own personal style. Do not follow the trends. 
2. Plan room layout
This will allow us to know more about what the furniture we really need and the best position for all things in one room. You will decide the size of sofa and imagine the best direction especially in small spaces, a sofa will be a focal point of your room. First, if you have a small spaces, do not buy a bulky sofa or big size. It will make your room looks smaller. Say goodbye to reclining sofa. Second, consider the type of sofa, do you need for arm rest or not. 

3. Choose the right upholstery materials
Just remember one thing, functionality. When you have pets, you have to consider the right material of your sofa. As you know, we love dogs, so we love to have something that easy to clean. As simple as that. Our best choice is leather that is mostly resistant to odor and it doesn’t attract pet hair. Just make sure you will get a sofa that meet your need and lifestyle.

4. Dimension of sofa
Read carefully the dimension and measure up your space. Our top priority when choosing a sofa is seat depth because comfort is different for everyone, in our experience the sofa's seat depth will give us a comfort sofa. How do you know what depth is right for you? Try the sofa. Seat for longer time until you feel relax. Your ideal seat depth comes down to your height and how you’ll be using your sofa. For casual use, we love to have seat depth above 55 cm - 60 cm (21 inch - 24 inch).

Well, we hope this guide will help you finding the right sofa. Happy decorate your living or family room!