A home with dogs - Meet Nick and his dog, Elio The Weimaraner

Who can't resist the beauty of weimaraner, thanks to their beautiful gray coats and mesmerizing gray/ blue eyes. What a great combination. Unfortunately, In Indonesia, it is hard to find this kind of dog, we never know about their actual character or story in real life so we are happy to know more about them. In the mean time, we enjoy read their breed history. Thanks for the universe for bringing Elio to our eyes. We simply love Elio's at the first time we see his photo, it remind us to our father's expression. Hahaha.. Let us read the short story about Elio and his gorgeous owner, Nick.

Tell us shortly about the first day you meet him?
The first day that I went to get Elio in the breeding, i was really excited because it was a very strange period in my life. The basketball wasn't going so good. I drove for 6 hours in the night to pick up Elio there, in the breeding closed to Siena, a nice city in The Tuscany.

What does he mean to you?
He really change my life and my family's life too (especially my mother and brother). For me, He is a son, is a brother, sometimes can be a father because I think that he taught me so much, He is a love, real love, the unconditional love. He is simply everything.

What the most favorite thing to do at home with him?

The thing that i prefer with him is lazing around and chillin' on the sofa, especially in winter time that he rests his head on me and gives off heat.

The most memorable story at home with him?
The best story about him is everyday, when he try to catch the birds and then they fly away. You must see his face, It was really sad and frustrated :)

Tell us his most favorite spot at home?
His favorite place at home is the bed of my mum. He feels like Giulio Cesare because the bed is really big.

Images by Nick

If your dog can speak, what would he say to you?
Probably if Elio could speak, he would say "STOP THESE PHOTOS WITH THE OUTFITS" LOL AHAHAHAAHAAH...

Thanks Nick for sharing the story with us. You can follow their adventure at @nickmei instagram.
Happy weekend, people!