A home with dogs - Meet Michelle with her dogs, Sienna and Max (The Retriever)

We love retriever breeds. Both golden and labrador are gorgeous with lovely personalities. Recently, we found this adorable dogs on Instagram. There is absolutely nothing better than following cute dogs on Instagram. We got the chance to interview the owner of @retrievertails, Michelle. Hope you are enjoy the short story about her dogs, and do not forget to follow them. 

Tell us about the first day you meet them? 
We both adopted Sienna & Max when they were a little older, Sienna was 9 months and Max was 6 years old. It was really love at first sight, they were so happy and sweet. We asked some questions to the previous owners and took a walk, we knew for sure they belong to us.

What does they mean to you? 
Everything, I don't know if I can live without dogs, they are so very sweet. When I'm happy, they are happy too, when I'm sad, they are there for me.

What the most favorite thing to do at home with them? 
Cuddling! Yes, really, they love cuddles and hugs! Just sitting next to them, and having some quality-time.

Tell us their most favorite spot at home?
Their own bed, they love to snuggle! Our kittens (Finn & Poppy) loves to snuggle with them.

The most memorable story at home with them? 
The most memorable time was when I saw Max playing with a toy, before, he didn't know what a toy was and couldn't chew anything because of his bad teeth. Max was also a very insecure dog when we adopted him. Sienna helped Max, she showed him there's nothing to worry about. When Sienna is around, Max is now less insecure. Sienna showed him it's okay. He has learned how to play, how to chew a bone (at the beginning Max didn't know what a bone was). The bond between the two of them is strong. 

Images by Retrievertails

If your dog can speak, what would they say to you? 
"Let's go take a nap!"