Interior Enthusiast - Scandinavian Style by Katy Thomas

Why do we love Scandinavian design? It's no secret around here that we love natural light, uncluttered minimalistic lines, and neutral palette. We love the beauty of it. We can't get enough of the simplicity and elegance of the scandinavian design. Today, we're excited to share an interview with Katy Thomas, the gorgeous owner of The Eye Spy Millk Bar an online store and lovely blog. We simply fell in love at the first time we visited her blog. So grab a cup of coffee and get lost in her stunning home. 

What does your passion for interior come from?
After many years working in the PR, Marketing and Advertising industries across a range of fashion and lifestyle brands, I was exposed to the wonderful world of style and design. Fashion PR stole my heart for almost 8 years, but I was quickly developing a strong passion for the home -from interior decorating and design to shopping for homewares and furniture. 

With an inbox overflowing with design inspiration on a daily basis and home magazines knocking on my door each month, I knew I had to set out on a new adventure and follow my passion. From here, The Eye Spy Milk Bar was born. The blog has naturally progressed and allowed me to follow my passion for product styling. I’m now working with a range of brands and doing it all from the comfort (&kaos with kids!) of my own home.

What is your current obsession? (related interior/home decor)
I’m hugely obsessed with Scandinavian design.

Tell us your must have home decor items in your home.
My favourite pieces at home at the moment would have to be our beautiful artworks from Norsu Interiors. Miss Twiggy & Miss Marianna.

How would you describe your interior style?
My style has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. Our home was once bursting with colour, yet after our renovation last year, I decided to introduce a Scandinavian style with softer shades of grey, dusty pinks, black and of course lots of white and natural timbers.

Best home decor tips or tricks?

I’m a big believer in not having to spend a fortune to create a well thought out space. Invest in art and furniture that will stand the test of time, then layer in a good mix of well priced cushions, rugs and vases.

All Images by Katy Thomas 

We want more, how about you? Be sure to check her latest works on her social media and get inspired everyday.