6 Survival Guides to go to IKEA Alam Sutera, Indonesia

Since its opening on 2014, IKEA Indonesia has attracted 2,5 million visitors within one year period. Yeah, IKEA is like a magnet. Indonesian family love to go to IKEA (first store located in Alam Sutera, area of Tangerang) and enjoy their new shopping experience, a family friendly store. We all know that IKEA is the place where you can find almost everything you need to enhance your home decor at affordable prices. 
We will give you 6 Survival Guides if you are planning to visit IKEA Alam Sutera. We know you can do this, hope this helps.

1. Review what you already have at home. Seems everything is beautiful in IKEA, but it's important to know what you have and what you really need. Be prepared to take your home decor to another level of style and comfort. Whenever you see a lovely things on the horizon, you need to be strong and ignoring them. Stay Strong. 

2. Make a shopping list in advance.
You can study IKEA website and print out a copy of your shopping list. Head to IKEA and do not forget to bring your eco-friendly shopping bags or the blue bags. Just stay focused and buy something that is on your list and is within your budget.

3. Picking the right time to go shopping
Weekend shopping can be a fatiguing and stressful since (almost) Indonesian family love to go to IKEA. To avoid crazy traffic, biggest crowds, screaming kids, or a lot of people taking a photos, we recommend you to visit IKEA Alam Sutera on weekdays (avoid public holidays and payday weeks). Just pick a time to shop when you are going to be at your most positive states of mind. As for us, we do not shop whenever we feel hungry, tired, or bored. If you are feeling any of those emotions, do not go shopping because it can lead to an excess of shopping bags. True story.

4. Set a Time Frame
Time really does fly when you're having fun, especially when you love home decor and visiting IKEA. But, hey, we realize now (as we get older) that our time is precious, and we want achieve our balanced life. So, it will be more efficient if you do not allow yourself to meander around the store. Set your specific time frame that you will complete your shopping in and stick to it. 

5. Ask yourself, "Do i really need this?"
As a home decor enthusiast, we love everything about home and whenever we go to IKEA, it seems that we want to buy anything that looks good. Just take a moment and consider if we really need this item. We just didn't want end up buying a things that we never use. The fact is we all buy things from time to time that we don't really need. Yes, you do not need another bright coloured tea towel or more frame

6. Finally, using a map and find your shortcut way. 
IKEA provides you with a map of each floor. Grab a map, and find the shortcut. This little map will help your shopping trip. Once you get your item, head to check out section and do not touch anything along the way. Leave the place and You win. 

There you go, our IKEA survival guides, May you find a peace of mind after shopping and good luck with your IKEA trips, especially with kids because we just can't avoid the genius zone, soft toys animals. Kids love to have more as we did. Have a nice weekend!