Lightbox Letters

What’s the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning? Well, that all depends on the individual. For us, we love to see a motivational words since we all need inspiration at different points in our lives to get us through the day. Try to put frame art on the wall with words of encouragement, motivational quotes, positive affirmation, or funny interesting words and be inspired every morning. Now, we have a new cute option. A Lightbox Letters :)

Lightbox is eye-catching piece and can add a unique ambient light to any room. An accent light and decorative word combined into one, so this decorative piece is a great gift for home décor enthusiasts or for everybody who loves words.

We are absolutely in love with this A Little Lovely Company Lightbox. Who doesn’t love? This lightbox has 3 rows (2 rows available too) for all your personalised quotes and messages. Just think one favorite words, as long as it boosts your mood, it’s a good choice. Change your messages as often as you like by simply sliding the plastic letters on and off the box. Sure you can enjoy to mix and match all the enclosed letters and symbols.

Depending on your needs, a light box could be a nightlight for kids. Well, it’s not just for kids, some adults (like us) still sleep with nightlight. Haha.. Set them up with this lightbox to ease night time fears. Hopefully the glow will help alleviate fear of the dark for kids, and during the day it sits as chic room décor accessories.
Just be creative and use little imagination, as you can say happy birthday to your significant person with this lightbox. Even you can propose someone in the middle of the romantic date night. A cute phrases in your kids room like no monsters allowed, share your toys, dream big, etc would be nice too. You can also send a family message in your home or simply make a love quotes or name for prewedding photos.
Magho's note:
1. Keep you lightbox letters stored and sorted in a business card holder.
2. The lightbox can stand but can also be hung on the wall if required.
3. This is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 3 years.
This is the best part for people who lived in Jakarta. Finally, we can get a A Little Lovely Company Lightbox Letters at Lino Luna. Yay! You can find it online at Lino Luna or do visit their store at Kemang Village. Here is the address:
Lippo Mall Kemang L2-26 & LG-26
Jl. Pangeran Antasari
Jakarta Selatan 12150

Go find one and have a nice day people :)