Interior Enthusiast - Classic Style by Agatha Suci

Raise your hand if you like calm and peaceful places. The truth is, we have always loved a timeless look of classic style. As the color palette is often inspired by nature. Have a look at this charming home of the beautiful woman inside and out, Agatha Suci. 

What does your passion for interior come from?
Apparently, my passion in interior came from my own trait. Hahaha.. Interior decoration has been my passion since i was a kid. I love to decorate my home and having my things neatly arranged. I love everything clean and tidy at home. 

What is your current obsession? (related interior/home décor)
I would love to have a proper and stunning library which looks like New York Public Library. Hahaha.. In my opinion, book is one of the best decorative item that you can have in your home. 

Tell us your must have home décor items in your home.
Oh! I love table lamps. For me, this item will bring the most romantic ambience to any room. I love antiques but not too much. I love art, especially paintings. I love paper paintings! 
How would you describe your interior style?
I absolutely love classic style, without being old-fashioned. I love modern way, but it hasn't to be on trends. I love the things that never go out of style and still look as beautiful twenty years from now as it does today. I also love artistic things, even whenever i arrange my books it must pleasing to my eyes. It doesn't mean i sort my books alphabetically or arrange them by size.

Best home décor tips?
Put something personal. I made all my kid's first shoes into keepsakes frame. Here is the thing, decorate a home need a soul of the house, so just find something personal which a part of your life. Well, decorating is not only what you see through your eyes, it is more what you see through your heart.