A home with dogs - Meet Nadya and Gwen The Pomeranian

We believe, a house is not a home without a dogs, and without them, our heart will be empty. In this category, we will be taking an interviews, asking a series of questions related dog and home. Our target are dog lovers everywhere who believe that dogs are part of the family and thinks that life at home, would be merrier with dogs. For our first story, Magho's new friend, Nadya will sharing about Gwen, her Pomeranian dog. It's an incredibly love story between them. We are hoping that you will enjoy reading this story as much as we did.

Tell us about the first day you meet her? How she come into your life?
It was fate. I was going to a mall called PTC in Surabaya, Indonesia with a friend to buy some stuffs for our mid-term assignment. After we finished our business, suddenly I had the urge to visit the pet shop inside the mall. I was walking around the pet shops when suddenly a crate full of white pomeranians were catching my eye. I just thought to myself "Wow, that is one small crate filled with a lots of puppies. How cruel!" Then I decided to take a look at the puppies and I saw Gwen inside of that crate. To be honest Gwen wasn't at her best condition. She was dirty, smelly and had a fungal infection on her right ear. Her littermates weren't at their best condition too, they were dirty, smelly and probably also had a fungal infection. Then I told the store keeper to at least give the puppies a bigger crate and left. After i got home i just couldn't get my mind off the poor smelly pomeranian puppy at the pet shop. I dunno what had gotten into my mind but i drove back to the mall and bought Gwen. At the same day after i just got home from the mall. (Yes,I went to the same mall twice in a day just to buy a smelly puppy. LOL.) I chose Gwen out of 4 other puppies because she was the most active one. Because my late pomeranian's name was Abels Gwendy, I decided to name my new smelly puppy after her surname. Thus, the name Gwendy was given to the luckiest smelly puppy.

What does she mean to you?
She means the world to me. After my first pomeranian died, my world has become emptier. She died when I was at 11th grade. After that my mom won't allowed me to have another dog because she said, It was too hard saying goodbye when the time has come. Time goes by and I lived without a dog for almost 1,5 years. Life without fur baby was boring, empty and no fun at all. After I got Gwen, my life has become more lively. She's always there to comfort me when I'm sad and makes me even happier during good times. Gwen means the world to me and honestly, I can't live without her.

What the most favorite thing to do at home with her?
Play Time! Gwen's favourite thing to do at home is to play, play and play. Gwen is small but don't let her size fool you! Gwen is probably the most active dog I ever had. She has never been able to stay still even only for 1 minute. Because Gwen is very hyperactive, I usually drained her energy by walking her everyday in the afternoon but sometimes it wasn't enough. I have to buy her a lot of toys like rubber ball and kong toys to keep her busy at home. We usually play fetch at our backyard almost everyday. When she's tired, well, she loves to cuddle on the couch with me and watch TV together.

Tell us, her most favorite spot at home?
Gwen's favorite spots at home are on the couch between the pillows and under my bed :)

The most memorable story at home with her?
There's a snake at my room. There was one time when Gwen found a snake inside my room. It was a normal day for us. I was doing some assignment and Gwen was playing with her toys. Suddenly, Gwen went to the back of the TV cabinet and she was barking. I knew something was off because she barked excessively and she was trying to tell me something. So I went to check the spot she was barking at and carried her just in case if it's a lizard because Gwen loves to kill lizards, then I noticed something long was moving behind the TV cables and I realized it was a snake. I was jumping and screaming at the same time! I called the security guard and then he took the snake and banished it from my house for good. I am forever grateful to Gwen because she kinda alert me about the snake. If it wasn't for her probably I wouldn't notice that there's a snake inside my room when it already crawled onto my bed.

If your dog can speak, what would she say to you?
If Gwen can speak she would probably say "Mama, I think you need to put more meat into my diet because vegetables taste kinda bland!"