Shoe Storage + Organization in Small Spaces

There are plenty of storage solutions out there that will hide away your pile of shoes. Keeping them organized is important, while living in a small spaces can be a challenge. Here are the best tips for you to start organizing your shoes:

1. Declutter your shoes collection so you won’t be taking up valuable space with shoes you no longer wear. Try on all your shoes, one pair at a time, see how they fit and evaluated every shoes. Just keep a shoes that you really need, not you really want. It is hard but you must toss them.

2. Divide your shoes collection into three categories:
a. Daily Shoes, you wear on a day to day basis. It would be good if you kept in an accessible area by your front door.
b. Weekend Shoes, you wear on the weekends for hang out or for sports.
c. Special Occasions, heels, luxury shoes, or shoes that you wear occasionally.

Before you invest in a shoe storage, you must rethink what type of storage that can fit in your small spaces. Look around every possible space in your home, whether you can hide the storage or you can add them as a decorative elements or multi function furniture. The following images are an example of the most popular types of shoe storage, but we suggest you to adjust the size or product dimension.

1. Shoe rack
Shoe Rack as multifunction furniture (Decoist)

You can customize this multifunction storage composed of open shelves or adjust the drawers shapes into enough storage for everything (not just the shoes). Just design your own combination that fits your space.

Shoes Rack (Magasina)

Keep in mind that you might need a different kind of rack for different styles, such as high heels or boots.

2. Over the door and hanging
Shoe tree behind the door is a great idea if you have vertical space to spare and this works well in small spaces.
Over the door (Allmodern)

Ladder Shoes as a decorative elements (Pinterest)

3. Shoe cabinet
An ordinary bookcase can easily be converted into shoe storage or just put shallow cabinet, and adding shelves to one empty wall is a great way to keep all of your shoes together.

Shallow Cabinet (Pinterest)

Bookcase (Irenevanguin)

One last thing, since we want maximizing our space with a stylish yet clean shoes storages. We learn that we only need a couple of shoes, so whenever we decided to buy a new pair of shoes, we donate an old pair. How about you? Well, in the end, we are hoping everyone had a great shoes storage.