3 Smart Tips When Furnishing Your New Home

Congratulations on your new home! 

It just always feels so good when you can decorate a home, especially if it's your first time to furnishing
 your new home. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are prepare 3 important things to do when you are going to furnishing your new home. 
1. Do not spend all your home budget in one place

Piggy bank, (Babble)
We are so excited to buy all the things if we can afford it. But, it will be wisely, if you taking a time to stop and remember there will be always a minor defects, like malfunction handle, improperly doors, cracked walls, or major structural problems that can lead to bigger problems. So, keep your budget wisely. Do not focusing to fulfil your interior dreams all at once. 
2. It is time to “Keep, Toss, or Donate”
Samla Box, (Ikea)
This is a big task to started on. When it comes to furnishing your new home, you need to know everything must have a place. Unboxing your package from old place, you have a two times to re-think, and re-consider what you have and really need. Prepare your boxes and do this activity in your leisure time, so you can focus to classified the stuff into 3 categories: Keep, Toss or Donate.
Please make sure that you will only keep the good things that will enrich your quality of life, to make you a better person from all areas in your life. Why do we all seem to keep things that we don’t need and don’t use? Here the quick guide:
  • Things that should be tossed are broken and no longer use.
  • Things that should be keep are daily needs, monthly or annual needs.
  • Things that should be donated are things never been touch again for the long period, or things that make us becoming a hoarder, since our inner heart always tell: “next time, i will use or need this”, “it will be nice to have this because people bla..bla..bla..” or another statement.
3. Take it slow, and have a look around

Slow chair, (Stardust)
Take it slow
The most important things to do in new home are we can sleep, eat, and taking a bath, eventough we do not have complete furniture. As long as we can do our primary needs, we can do furnishing all the rooms gradually. Not everthing that we love in stores, we must take it to home. Take it slow and hold your wallet. Think twice and recheck your needs. There is nothing wrong with a blank space at your home. You will gratitude every single things.
Have a look around
Home is a reflection of owner’s personality. Collect a things that you really love and make your home become your journey. So, have a look around and find out your style! Look what decoration style suits you. Browsing websites, read the magazines, open up the social media, visit a bazaar/exhibition, visit anykind of stores, cafe, restaurant, or your colleagues, friends, or family’s house. Keep all the images, videos, or anything that you can open in single click. Make some beautiful memories. 

How do you know something that suits you? After all this time, you look back into that images, and you will see that style was reflected your desire, passion, and personality. You really dream that style! Be sure you are not try to get any somebody’s approval or follow the trends. Because it’s you! Yes, a beautiful you, whether you love to get into adventure, back in midcentury age, a lavish decor, or plan a floral shabby chic home. Everything is a beautiful styles. There is nothing wrong with your style, and eventually you will find never ending journey to decorate your home.
WellMay you have a beautiful journey, people! Hope this simple guidelines will help you get started.